How to clean my spa

To fully enjoy the benefits of your spa, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced water, but above all to clean your spa regularly. Here are all our practical tips for you to follow at home.

ICO analyzes the spa water 24/7 and sends recommendations for appropriate chemical treatments.

3 factors to watch out for to keep your water safe and clear

L’équilibre de l’eau

  • Balanced water is based on three criteria that are measured with the pH (acidity of the water) and the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids - hardness of the water):
    1. An healthy water
    2. Water that is comfortable for the skin 
    3. Water that preserves the life of coatings and equipment
  • TAC and TH can be used as control indicators. However, they only partially measure ions, unlike the TDS probe integrated in ICO..

La désinfection de l’eau

  • To measure the disinfection of the water, the electrical current delivered by all the disinfecting chemicals must be measured.
  • There are several categories of chlorine: total chlorine, active chlorine, free chlorine and finally potential chlorine. It is important to know which chlorine is being measured if you are using strips in particular, as this can give a misinterpretation of the chlorine in your spa and the sanity of the water.
  • ICO measures active chlorine, the only chlorine that is responsible for disinfecting the water. 
  • Such as bromine.


  • The SPA's filtration quality is essential to maintain the quality of the water. The filtration system allows to retain all the impurities which are deposited in water (hair, residues of solar creams...).
  • There are several types of filters (cartridge filters, sand filters for swim spas) that need to be cleaned depending on how often you use your spa. Empty the filter regularly (every 8 to 15 days depending on the filter and frequency of use) and rinse with clean water.
  • Before each bath, a shower with soap and a thorough rinse are essential to enjoy your spa.  
Healthy and clean spa. Water is analysed by ICO Spa

Our tips for cleaning a spa

Regular cleaning

  • Spa cover and lid SPA cleaning products are commercially available, but you can simply use clear water and a damp sponge, without soap or detergents. 
  • Water line: this is often the most difficult part to clean because of the greasy residue that settles on it. Use a special waterline cleaner suitable for spas for simple and effective cleaning. You can also lower the water level slightly for better visibility by turning off the power supply first. 
Drain the spa water once a quarter.

Quarterly emptying

  • Every three months or so, it is recommended that you change the water completely. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the equipment in your spa. 
  • Dismantle the equipment : démontez d’abord tous les accessoires (appuie-tête, filtres) pour les nettoyer séparément en respectant les notices. 
  • Clean the pipes: they should be cleaned before draining with suitable products. Then, observe the specified installation time and then run the pump to circulate the product. 
  • Emptying : Drain according to the manufacturer's instructions. When the tank is empty, clean the entire spa: tank, cover and water line. Then rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of product. Use a water hoover if necessary. 
  • Filling: Once the tub is rinsed and dry, you can put your spa back in the water. Reinstall the filters and then turn on the heat. Finally, add the usual disinfecting products. If you have ICO, you can submerge it after 24 hours and put it back on. The measurements will start automatically. 

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