Conductivity sensor (grey) compatible with ICO pool and ICO spa


The conductivity sensor (grey) measures the TDS and helps to estimate the salt level of your pool or spa water. Thanks to its Twist&Lock system, the sensor can be easily replaced.

2 years warranty.

After the first season, we recommend that you recalibrate the sensors each time you restart your pool or spa (or every 6 months if you do not winterize) or if you notice a drift in the measurements.

Your ICO is calibrated by default at the factory, It is therefore not necessary to calibrate it when it is first used.

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Shipping in Europe

Colissimo, Chronopost et Mondial Relay

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How to calibrate your ICO

This video tutorial explains why and how to calibrate your ICO.


What is TDS?

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids - represents the "volume of mineral solids, salt and metals dissolved in water". It is measured in PPM (parts per million) or mg/l.

Soluble materials are almost everything you put in your pool or spa, such as disinfectants, specialty chemicals (clarifiers, algaecides) and balancing chemicals (pH, stabilizers, alkalinity)...

When there are too many, these materials can cause oxidation of certain materials or interfere with the effectiveness of treatments.

By measuring water soluble material, the effectiveness of your disinfectant and other related factors, ICO can alert you when your TDS is too high and recommend actions to correct the problem.