Piscine : comment diminuer la consommation d’énergie ?

The garden equipment sector is in full development because the French prefer a quality of life at home. According to the FFP, more than two million households have a private pool. Nevertheless, a swimming pool represents a real budget for the household: water, electricity, heat pump, robot...To know how to reduce the energy consumption of your swimming pool, continue reading.

family on a pool. energy consumption

What actions can be taken to reduce the energy bill?

The electricity consumption of a pool depends on several parameters:

  • The pool size ;
  • The power and performance of your filtration system.
  •  The climate depending on your location
  • The location of your pool: indoor or outdoor? In the shade or in the sun? ;
  • The materials used for the pool;
  • The electrical equipment intended to heat and filter the pool: heat pump (PAC), boiler, solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic panels, etc.

Voici quelques conseils pour réduire la consommation d’énergie de votre piscine.

  • Maintain your pool regularly: cleaning improves water quality and helps to use fewer chemicals.
  • Orient your pool correctly: choose a southern exposure to benefit from the sun's rays for longer
  • Avoid trees that prevent the "natural" heating of the pool
  • Then, optimize the volume of your pool.
  • Respectez le temps de vous ne filtrez pas assez longtemps l’eau de la piscine, vous consommerez plus de produits chimiques et d’eau.
  • Use LED lighting
  • Heat the pool water with photovoltaic collectors if you have a heat pump
  • Installez un abri de piscine pour chauffer l’eau naturellement grâce aux rayons du Soleil.

Adopt a more eco-responsible behaviour to allow a complete optimization of a pool and the control of its energy consumption.

Choosing the best electricity supplier to save money

Are EDF competitors supplier a good alternative ?

The liberalization of the energy market in France has facilitated the development of alternative energy suppliers to the historical energy suppliers: Engie (ex-GDF) and EDF.

Moreover, the historical energy suppliers had to develop their energy offers to meet the new expectations of consumers. Nevertheless, alternative energy suppliers have adapted more quickly to the new needs of French households.

  • Market-priced energy offers to reduce your energy bill
  • Others energy offers and tariff options. Green or connected offers, peak/off-peak options.
  • Enhanced consumer-focused services

Alternative energy suppliers have forced the two incumbent energy suppliers to adapt to the new French energy market. Consumers can easily cancel their old contract and take out a new offer with an alternative supplier such as Énergie d'Ici, Plüm, Vattenfall or Eni. Consumers can easily terminate their old contract and subscribe to a new offer for free.

 The toll-free numbers of Eni, Vattenfall, Total Direct Energie and Ilek: how to subscribe to a new energy offer?

  • Contact an alternative energy supplier. The toll-free numbers for Eni, Total Direct Energie, Vattenfall, Ilek, etc. are available on the energy suppliers' websites
  • Estimate your energy consumption with an advisor: surface area of your home, number of inhabitants, equipment, private pool, lifestyle, etc.
  • Subscribe to an energy offer adapted to your needs

The alternative energy supplier contacts Enedis (ex-ERDF) to open the electricity meter. The costs of the electricity meter opening will be detailed in the first electricity bill. These costs and the time required vary according to the type of connection.

In conclusion, the pool market is developing rapidly. However, a swimming pool represents an important investment for the household. An intelligent conceptualization of the pool is an effective solution to reduce your energy expenses.