Catalogue of treatment products

In order to obtain even more personalised recommendations, the ICO application allows you to select, from the catalogue of treatment products, the products that you are used to using for the maintenance of your pool.

What is the purpose of the treatment products catalogue ?

You can use this catalogue to configure the products you are used to using. This will enable ICO to send you more personalised recommendations.

Where can I find the catalogue of treatment products in the application?

You can access it in two ways: by clicking on the settings wheel or by pressing the circled icon at the bottom left.

Quick access in the multipool page

Click on the catalogue icon circled in red to go directly to the catalogue page.

Catalogue of treatment products

Access from the settings

  • Click on the settings wheel
  • Select Produits & Équipements, then Treatment products

You can set up your treatment products using the tabs Main products and Complementary products.

The main treatment products

The four main products are set by default: a slow disinfection product, a shock disinfection product, a pH- product and a pH+.

In the bottom right-hand corner, the blue icon gives you access to the full catalogue (more on this later in the article).

Catalogue of treatment products

To change the packaging of these four main products, select a product and click on "change product". For example, you can change from chlorine granules to shock chlorine tablets.

Complementary treatment products

To set up the additional products, press the small + next to each product type.

How do I set up the catalogue of treatment products ?

In the catalogue, 3 filter criteria allow you to select products:

  • The type of product : algaecide, anti-phosphate, shock chlorine, flocculant, etc.
Catalogue of treatment products
  • The brand : generic or specific
  • Packaging : cartridges, pebbles, liquids, tablets

Please note that you cannot purchase pool or spa maintenance products from this catalogue. It allows you to enter the products you already have at home and which are intended for the maintenance of your pool.

To find out more about the parameters of the ICO application, click here.

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