How do I install the ICO Widget?

In this article, we'll take you step-by-step through the installation of the ICO Widget, which will allow you to view the Water Index and temperature of your pool or spa by opening the application.

The widget is available on iOS and Android. Installation parameters vary according to the version of your smartphone's operating system. You can also add several widgets to monitor several pools or spas.

Installer le widget ICO sur les smartphones Android et IOS . Contrôlez la qualité l'eau de votre piscine ou spa en un coup d'oeil avec la sonde ICO Pool et ICO SPA

Installing the ICO widget on Android

The widget is compatible with version 5.0 and above.

There are 4 steps to installation :

1) Hold down your finger on the "ICO" application icon.

2) Enter the name "ICO" in the search bar, Select and then press the "Add" button.

3) Select the desired pool or spa.

4) Return to your home screen and the widget will be visible.

Installing the ICO widget on an Android smartphone

Installing the ICO widget on iOS

First of all, to install the widget on your iPhone, the minimum OS version is 14.

For the iOS version, there are 7 steps to installation :

1) Press + to display the widget search bar.

2) Enter "ICO" in the search bar.

3) Click on "Add Widget".

4) Click on "Select a pool or spa".

5) Press "Piscine" or "Spa", then press "Choose".

6) Select the desired pool or spa.

7) Your Widget is now visible on your home screen.

Installing the ICO widget on an iOS smartphone
Installing the ICO widget on an iOS smartphone

Understanding your ICO's water index

The Water Index is a unique, patented technology that lets you know the quality of the water in your pool or spa. Thanks to a simple colour code, you can check the health of your pool at a glance on your smartphone. It's important to know dashboard to keep an eye on your pool.

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